Nirvana- Yoga And ThaiMassage

Backpain or Lumbar pain

Traditional approach of ThaiYoga massage along with Clinical bodywork for posture correction helps to aling realign body posture and gain strength. Holistic approach of aligning core muscles with energy line therapy helps to build the required strength.


Mindful Meditation as a tool for pain management, handling anxiety, stress, improve heart health, boost mood and immunity, and resolve pregnancy problems.

ThaiYoga Massage

Thaiyoga massage evolved on the principals of Marmas - Energy Line therapy ,Tok-sen, Guasha and Yoga. Jivaka Kumarbhaccha, the father of ThaiYoga Massage, practiced this therapy during the ages of Buddha.

Vipassana Meditation Technique

Vipassana Meditation. Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation.

Massage And Migraine

Body keep accumulating stress starting from your toes; moving forward to your calf, thigh, lower back, core muscles tMigraine, Anxiety and Fatigue.

QCI & AYUSH affiliated courses

Mindfulness - Finding the stillness of total awareness

 Finding stillness with mindfulness

 How often have we realized that after hours and hours of building awareness, we had not been able to build awareness strong enough.
I remember a person name Alok came to me last month for our awareness building program. If you ask a term or concept on meditation, he can go on and on  explaining theoretical aspects of meditation, different views of masters. Definitely, he had read many books on meditation, listen to many audios & podcasts , watched variety of videos. Even after gathering so much knowledge,
when I asked him, “Have you experience the pure love & its feeling? Have you known, how monkey mind behaves? Have you experienced , How one thought triggers another thoughts & body sensations associated with these memories? Have you observed by yourself, How one thought triggers another and another and make you caged in your feelings? And the most important , have you felt the inner silence? The void? State of no-mind ? just pure observer with equanimity ” He said ‘No’.
Mindfulness Stillness- Total awareness

Masters says “You need enough knowledge that you can try practically and later build your skills by learning in real life situations” In real life learning we need 10% of theory to learn and grasp other 90%, that’s. In case of our MIND OR INNER ENGINEERING we have to be very practical and learn with our first hand experiences only.

For reaching the state of ‘Stillness & Total Awareness’ we need to calm down the ripples arising out of our ocean mind. Exercise of Grounding helps to subsidies any previous thought fueling our monkey mind. As we keep focus on breath feeling the energy of breadth, with the ins-out of breath, focusing on the left or right nostrils, the length and tempo of ingoing and outgoing breath, there comes a time when you have built the awareness towards the sensation of hot-cold breath. But still you keep losing the focus from breadth and keep drifting by your thoughts. “Now, you just need to, Hold your breath for small time,.. ‘Totally’….” . Wait , then release and focus again. You will find you will have a deeper awareness of every breadth, with enhanced intensity. You can relate from one breath to another, more easily keeping your mind focused on the moving breath with deeper awareness. For experienced mediators, the moment when you hold breath , it’s a moment of no-breath. If you could focus your awareness during this time, you will find this as moment of the “Stillness, The void , Total awareness”

Just let me know about yours realization, after practicing this, during the hours of meditation. Just remember, meditation is all about your own personal experience, those helps to still your mind , building observable and equanimous mind. The more you practice, stronger and firmer your awareness will be in the moment of NOW. With time comes a moment when the five senses cant take you over any further & you feel your own experience of out of these five sense.
People always says you need to be in love & kindness for living a mindful life. I say pure love, agape or pure bliss is a state that you automatically attain (In matter of few days) by just building mindfulness during hours of your meditation.

Your views and comments are welcome.

Mindfulnes, Equanimity- Finding the stillness of total awareness

 Grounding before Mindfulness

In the hours of meditation how many have you found it difficult to concentrate! You wanted to feel the breadth , but your monkey mind is busy in hopping from one thought to another. Every time you take it back to your breadth, but you find it difficult to be aware about ins's & out. You have been taught to befriend your mind rather than dragging to the awareness, but this just doesn’t seems working anymore. In these difficult time you need to focus on the must have’s for building complete awareness in the hours of mindfulness

Sit in a comfortable posture , ideally in sukhasana or padmasana. if you have problem flexing your knees, you can sit on the edge of chair with upright spine, legs should be perpendicular to the ground.

The Basics
Revisit & journey your body parts and let goo any tensions that still there. Sometimes the tension just doesn’t want to go away and find it difficult to leave. To make it easier we have a small step that insures a proper grounding of such emotions.
Just visit the other part with awareness of previous body part where you are still feeling the tension, one after another from head to toe. Keep the journey as detailed as possible.
"Like when people can only focus on their feet to relax and let go, i like to focus on upper skin of my feet, the carpals connecting to the five fingers, from big toe till the little finger, individual attention ensures a super tight ground work for coming hours of meditation. From fingers to the lower parts of feel , the sole and then the whole feet as one unit."
Its my observation, if you spent 5 minutes more on proper relaxation & grounding, you have complete awareness of breadth from the first couple of minutes of your mindful meditation practice.
Grounding before meditation- NirvanaSOTYM

Its important for someone sitting in the hours of meditation after a long time, or during your first time. It ensures to removes the leftover stress from highly stressed and contracted muscles. Otherwise it usually takes  least 20-30 hours of meditative practice .
"I call it as forgive & forget.... Right!  that’s it. We hold stress by creating excess attachment or detachment to unfavorable emotions. After progressive round of relaxation, turn your attention ideally in your chest or heart chakra area. You first ask for forgiveness from people that you have hurt before.... by your small or big actions...deeper or minor wounds ...internal or external....whatever it is . You ask for forgiveness starting from your family members , your relatives, your social circle, old friend or long-term relationship , your parents , colleagues, friends, someone for whom you have been carrying a burden. Whatever the situation had been, you just forgive them unconditionally...from your heart...your mind.... from every muscles fiber ....every cell"

Once you have forgiven, here comes the next part of grounding

"Asking Forgive from everyone. After you have forgiven everyone, still there might be people who might be carrying love, hatred or excess attachment in any form or another to you, where you have no control. this part ensures , you recollect everyone in your mind .... to whomsoever in last week,...month....or years or so. You might have hurt anyhow & you ask for their unconscious forgiveness. You feel your thought for seeking forgiveness emancipated from your chest or heart chakra"
This "grounding- by forgive & forget" ensures letting go of everything you might have been holding it back to yourselves.

follow us on the next article on , how you could find that moment of "Total awareness & Stillness" ,
Once you have mastered the awareness to incoming & outgoing breadth, the moment of "total awareness" is the moment where you become an observer to your mind, with rise & fall of emotions can be felt as creating ripples of pain & pleasure sensations. 

A deeper level of awareness need to be built with stillness & observation against thoughts & body sensations (either good or bad).

Inner engineering- stress-reactive mind -dukkha

Understanding Subconscious & Negative Emotions

Everyone seeks peace and harmony, because this is what we lack in our lives. From time to time we all experience agitation, irritation, dishar¬mony. And when we suffer from these miseries, we don't keep them to ourselves; we often distribute them to others as well. Unhappiness permeates the atmosphere around someone who is miserable, and those who come in contact with such a person also become affected. Certainly this is not a skillful way to live.    
                                                                                 by SN Goenka      
The only way to live with peace & harmony is possible only when, we learn to remain harmonious  from within, and maintain peace and harmony around us, so that everyone around us can  live peacefully and harmoniously.

In order to understand our Dukkha, we have to investigate deep inside of ourselves . Dukkha arises when we find someone behaving the way we don't like. Our un-acceptance of unhappy moments, the moments that takes us away from our desires. these unwanted events triggers tension. one after another such rounds of events gets keep seated in our subconscious , our reaction to these unwanted events a.k.a ties knots  makes physically & mentally  level so stressed & full of negativity, our lives becomes miserable .

Day to day practices like entertainment, gossips, chanting or any other practice that can help us deviate our mind from the state of anger and negativity helps us to free our mind  from agitation but rather only address the issue on only at the conscious level. Diverting attention pushes negativity deep into our unconscious , that keep building up stronger and stronger over  period of time, waiting for the right moment , when it will explode can cause havoc in that super volcanic state.

In future posts, we are going to address, How new aspirants can prepare themselves for the initial rounds of meditation.People those have been out of meditation for some time and find it difficult to to start again . So, keep reading our future coming posts


FAQ About Thai Massage & Schools offering Thaiyoga Massage courses

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about ThaiYoga Massage

Q.   What is Thai massage or ThaiYoga massage?
 “Thai yoga massage, is a 2,500 year old Ayurvedic based body science developed and popularized by Buddha’s doctor, Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha.
Prana, Chi, Loom. All are refers to the basic principle of life force energy, which flows along specific channels. Along these channels, called “Sen lines,” also known as “Prana Nadis” in Yoga, are specific energy points, that when blocked, stagnates the flow of energy in one area of the body. Traditional Thai yoga massage provides benefit by stimulating pressure points to open the body’s energy pathways, allowing healing energy to flow freely and allowing the body to heal itself.
These blockages, caused by stress, tension, poor posture and injury can create dis-ease.” 

Q.  What are Benefits of Thaiyoga Massage?
Physical Benefits
• Help detoxification of the body and boost immune system
• Increase blood circulation, lower blood pressure and breathing
• Good for muscle relaxation, increase flexibility in your muscles, increase mobility
• Improves posture, balance, corrects body alignments and dissolves energy blockages
• Improves athletic performance
• Help arthritis and back pain
• Help tone the body, strengthen joints and fight diseases, including chronic joint problems

• Prevents illnesses and alleviates degenerative diseases
• Slows the aging process
• Immune booster

Mental Benefits
• Improves emotional balance
• Helps concentration and creativity/ Mind and body concentration

• Clears and calms your mind
• Helps you gain mental clarity
Psychological effects
• Reduce and relieve stress and anxiety

• Helps boost energy and stamina
• Develops self-awareness
• Improves overall health and vitality

Q.  ThaiYoga massage helps in what kind of ailments & diseases?
Thai Yoga massage is helpful in relieving the following ailments:
Arteriosclerosis, arthritis, asthma, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue, diabetes, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, heart conditions, high blood pressure, inflammation, insomnia, migraines, neck pain, numbness, injuries, partial paralysis, sciatica, shoulder soreness, sinus pressure, sprains, stiffness, strains of muscles and tendons, stress, TMJ, whiplash pain.

reference from
Jeevak- Father of ThaiYoga Massage

Q.  Ayurvedic Massage on Table Vs Thaiyoga on ground Mat ?
Ayurvedic massage has reach till the myofascial level, and they are depended more on different of types of herbs and medicated oil for reaching till the deeper level of muscular system or nerve endings. Usually medicated relieve pain instantaneously but with the passage of time, you need application of oil again. Ayurvedic massage depends on more frictional motion & myofascial level stretching.
Thaiyoga massage on contrary targets the Energy-lines or Shen-lines and progresses with warm-up, revitalizing energy-points on shen-lines and progressively using stretching and deep-tissue level massage. They helps to realign the muscular system and trying to create deep level symmetry within human body. Usually these changes are long-term sustainable and have prolonged affects.
Both techniques have their pros-and-cons. Using any of these styles will help in a specific way for seekers.

Q.  Why you need Therapeutic massage?
Therapeutic massage refers to clinical based massage targeting specific muscles or group of muscles for easing tension or stress from the trigger points.
What is Trigger Point?
Trigger point refer to hardening or accumulation of muscles at a specific muscle junction when they meet each other, but inspite of working independently they join together and crete a knot or hardening that creates pain within close by muscle system.

Q.  How is Thai massage different from other massage styles?
Thaiyoga massage can be given on the bed , on the massage table or over the ground; on the mat also. Significance of thaiyoga massage over the ground becomes important, because while doing all stretches or yogic postures , a firm and flat foundation helps to get maximum benefits by providing full-range of motion.

Q.  Different types of massage techniques?
1.       Swedish massage.
2.       Deep-tissue massage.
3.       Hot stone massage.
4.       Sports massage.
5.       Shiatsu massage. ...
6.       Thai massage. ...
7.       Foot massage. ...
8.       Reflexology
9.       Trigger point massage

Thai Massage Schools in Thailand
ITM International Training Massage School               - Chiang Mai

RSM Motion Alalysis Clincial Massage            - Chiang Mai
Old Medicie Hospital Thai Massage School               - Chiang Mai

Nerve Touch Massage Shool                                       - Chiang Mai                          

Ajahn Pichest Boonthume                                      - Hang Dong, near Chiang Mai 

Thai Massage practitioners and teachers:                             - Noam Tyroler - Thai medical accupressure, huge source of  knowledge       -  Hironori Ikeda, Absolute gem among new age teacher. He can
                                                               transform  any na├»ve person in massage therapy into muscular      assessment professional, within matter of few weeks. His deep work has helped me to relieve many chronic Back-pain & Cervical patients. If you are in Chiang-Mai spent 10 days at RSM Clinical Massage. His Clinical understanding will be an asset for life-long.                         -  Great teacher who inspired me to pursue further ,Cyriac Joseph (who stays in Nevada City, California, USA)- His concepts of modern anatomy learning along of ThaiYoga Massage are enlightening for native like me. His approach is totally practice driven & I highly recommend his courses.
                                                      - Danko Lara Dadic - Traditional Thai Medicine (Belgrade)                  - Davor Haber (Zagreb)         - Itzhak Helman               - Howad Evanz (London, Mallorca), craniosacral  therapist,                               .                            
                                                                     author of "Myofascial Approach in Thai Massage"          - Jo Lim (London), great Thai Massage Blog       - Felicity Joy (Chiang Mai, London), deep energy    .                                                 .                     
                                                             lines and abdominal work courses.            - Robert Henderson - energy work and spiritual healing in
                                                                                                 Thai Massage


Experience ThaiYoga Massage By Internationally Trained Professionals
Nirvana- School Of ThaiYoga & Clinical Massage , Bodhgaya
Nirvana- ThaiMassage & Yoga - SOTYM

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Sun Gazing- Surya Tratak and its positive effects

Its believed that our body is accompanied by aura. Aura is nothing but a band of color energy across everything in this universe. It’s the color energy emanated by the even the smallest creature , and even immobile looking trees or any structure. The whole universe breathes with colors. Our mode and emotions has direct impact with changes in aura.

In our solar system, Sun is the source of all the energy. So by getting using Sun , we could absorb more color energy in our aura , it could easily affect our human body too.
Sun Gazing

People with emotional issues has profound effect by sungazing. It’s a simple and the most effective way for people  going through depression.

After reading HRM (Hira Ratan Manek)posts on sun gazing , I did started sun gazing in progressive manner from Oct 2013. Its been really a hard work to get up every morning , with alarm on my mobile for sunrise every morning. But, its worthwhile to bath every morning in red  shining sun and feeling that warmth growing all across your body. On emotional level, I felt more centered and detached

Now , referring to the present moment , I can remember every single bit that contributed towards the sweet feeling I feel these days between my eye brows. From last few months I felt too much tension and vibrations in my head. While researching in this topic I decided to use Jal-Neti every other day. Its been used as ancient practice in yoga for cleansing sinus cavity. I realized after doing it you feel more oxygen gushing to your lungs with less frequent attacks of Cough and Cold. But remember to use lukewarm water for doing Jal-Neti. I tried to do it from last 12-15 years but everytime I did it, I used cold water and get caught with cold and fever. But after guidance from one of my associate I used hot water this time and woooohhhhh. I felt normal . So as per my experience only hot lukewarm water with salt .
 From last 2 months I feel a slight pressure between my eye brows. I had never been regular with my Yoga or Pranayam , but yes I had been on and off doing sun gazing. I felt  about this feeling as headache and realized later its something else. After reading many articles , I came to know this feeling is due to growth in size of pineal gland, that is even associated activation of agya chakra.

Progressive Relaxation:First stepping stone for a relaxing massage session

Relaxation & Mindful Meditation
Mindfulness Relaxation

Relaxation is the outcome we strive to achieve by means of massage. We have Myofacial or Deep Tissue massage in our toolkit to work on surface level or deeper level. In either of these conditions , one important technique that is used by Nirvana-School of ThaiYoga & Massage ( SOTYM) is Progressive Relaxation. Its the first step of our sessions. It helps to let the body muscles loosen up and release stress and tension, usually people keep carrying it all the time. It helps to induce state of somnambulism that is associated with deep state of relaxation.

So here is the free mp3 file we are posting for our visitors to use it in their day to day life and get all the tension go away.

Usually people looking for a way of relaxation end up searching for a quick fix. I would rather recommend a specific type of Meditation practice like Mindful Meditation practices like Vipassana as a way to achieve long -term behavioral changes.

Taming the Mind is not so difficult. With persistent practice and patience, Equanimity  can be developed  a period of time. All religious have been telling about to achieve a state of infinite love and non-dualistic love , immersible state of compassion; radiating from the heart. Everyone can be achieved with willful choices and practices.

                                                 " Anica- Dukkha- Bhanga" 

You can read my experience with Vipassana from the link

Relaxation Techniques Breathing 
Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety

CHHATH : Connecting to unity conciousnes

After many years of staying out of Bihar, I had an amazing day today. I had the chance to view the real beauty of this festive day called CHHATH.

In many religions views like Inka Shamanism or Chinese Tao or Egyptian Civilization , always they have referred to connecting to the two life forces called father Heaven and mother Earth. This world had been believed to be part of duality consciousness between Heaven and Earth.

In India, most celebrated festivals are associated with some God. Specially in Bihar, weather its Navratra , Dipawali, Teej, Jutiyaa, this list just goes endless.

To my surprise, CHHATH is one festival , where devotee put all new season fruits, vegetables and offers to sun ( worship nature).

In all civilization the air we breath, everything we eat or any kind of wealth you carry, all are representation of mother Earth. The stronger bond you have with mother earth more wealth can manifest on this earthic level for your existence. And Sun  is your father who gives you energy and wisdom.

As per my understanding , CHHAT is about moving from duality towards unity where you connect with your mother Earth and father Sun. It’s the raw form of devotee worshiping nature.

The Earth , that’s considered Lucifer’s experiment with duality consciousness with Good & Bad at its core, CHHATH reminds us to move towards unity consciousness of Love.

Unconditional love is the essence of unity consciousness. Every saint like Paramhansa, Vivekananda , Mother Teresa everyone told humans to Love others without expectations. This is what people felt , who encountered NDE ( Near Death Experiences), state of unconditional love.

I had always enveyed my mom on being too religious and being all engross into rituals. I always got mad on how could someone be happy on starving herself and feel so happy for worshiping God. Now, it all make sense, I almost feel that unconditional love she has for nothing in return. She happiness just shines on her face everyday.

I wish, this CHHATH should guide all of you towards unity of unconditional love. All of you should be blessed with Love and Wisdom to identity your true essence.

I have few pics to share with you. Let me know , how all of you feel ….

* All views shared here are just personal views of the writer.

Using BMAM- Body Muscular Assessment Matrix for clients evaluation

Nirvana has come up with Body Muscular Assessment Matrix- #BMAM. Its our new matrix specially created for #Bodywork #massage industry.
We would be often using it going further for assessment of our clients interested for #Clinical_massage #Sports_massage

From next week , we are starting remote assistance for our users. Users will be getting  #BMAM matrix with individual muscles , those require attention to work on.

I would appreciate people from out of city can first get their assessment done so that we can use the same for customizing sessions as per every individual needs.

People suffering with Lumbar misalignment, Feet rotation, Knee pain, Shoulder cramps or pain, Neck pain ,Pelvis tilt forward, torsion of Knee or any suffering from any other Limited Range Of Motion results from contraction in specific set of muscles. We have specialization and expertise in Sports massage to realign Lumbar and eradicate hardening of muscles (those are based on Clinical aspects).
As per our understanding , here is list of muscles acting as trigger point for major problem associated with Back pain, Twisted feet and Hip joint / Hamstring pain, Shoulder misalignment or any asymmetry in our body.

Life manifestation : Is Just Physical or Something Out Of Our Realm

Being raised in a mind oriented society , Our realities has been conditioned from our childbirth to think of like Brain dominated personality. I remember , I saw many got punished in schools for scoring low scores or failure to remember some oral lessons.
                                                            Our human cells are consist of 99% of vacant space , so by this definition our bodies are empty spaces (yet they look so solid). If you include Electrons, Protons, Neutrons and everything still our all physics , science is only taking care of 1% of our finite existence neglecting 99% of infinite that they can not measure.

Now, After so many years of conditioning from our childhood, we want evidences, proofs justifying the principals of our own created science and maths(I was :-) specifically wanted to write physics). Now referring new age theories like Unified field theory, Ley Lines, Sacred geometry, Vortex nature of electro-magnetic field around all Humans, Animals, & Plants.

To me, Its clear that our human body are so precisely created from structure of our Bones, Tendons, Neurons, Muscles to perform one specific function. Any problem we face on our earthic body level cant not be resolved by any treatment or science that's just based on our human bodily  existence.

With reference to my understanding towards Qi-Gong, Shamanism: I strongly believe Diseases, Pains or Trauma manifest in life, when there is an obstruction towards flow of energy between Earth and Heaven through our energetic bodies.

Human Body can either Grow/Expand or Contract with Fear. Our new age sophisticated lifestyle is pushing us all day  long in a state of fear from the day begins in the morning till the night you sleep. Just think- Waking up sharp at 7am, getting ready in stipulated time, catching us, train or driving in Traffic, office Workload , Politics, pressure to perform, Kids, House Rent/ EMI, Holiday trip, any accidents , Traumas in family, Relationships. I can only derive the essence out of  these conditions, Always there is a sense of fear, pressure deep inside of you. You are always chatting inside your mind, planning, thinking, worrying, its like you are so much inside your mind, you can not even enjoy your life without mindless thinking. As Eckhart Tolle says, "As I think , So I am"

Even, The teaching of Tao says, any creation or manifestation of life is at balance between two energies of Earth and Heaven. If, you think of like that, all trees, plants, animals are manifestation of intelligence that is expressing life by means of an Ant and even at the size of an elephant. If there is such existence of Universal Intelligence, does not it makes you feel like,all scientific expeditions to find Aliens or UFO is just a joke.

The Universal Intelligence can manifest in any situation and conditions  even in deadly stars or Galaxies , by finding an equilibrium between there two energies (Earth and Heaven- Sun, Sky , Planets and Stars in case of Earth) and can manifest anywhere.

I feel , Massage that can have an impact on your energy flow across energy lines, Conception and Governing Vessels, five key organs like Heart, Lungs, Liver, Kidneys and Spleen, Eight extraordinary meridians across the body can definitely help to get the Qi/Chi/ Prana flow across essential channels again. Along with these inner alchemy changes are essential with releasing the toxins or accumulated energy from your body. I strongly recommend Qi-Gong practices along with our massage sessions to have long term results. That's it for the day. . . . .
Eat Healthy and Sleep tight!!! :-)

Thai Yoga Massage- Energy Lines

Learning Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga massage is based on Energy Lines following from your toes till yours head. Yoga Traditions had been always emphasizing on Chakras and Aura, and major work has been concerned to get these chakras, cleaning and healing them by letting Energy to Flow Towards chakras.

My Quest for Deep Knowledge ended When I found about Thai Yoga, that tells you about , there are paths / channels / doorways energy follows within human body to reach designated chakras and balancing them.

In Indic yogic system also speaks about nadis .  Guru Gorakhnath spoke about almost 72,000 Nadi in our body . Somehow the understanding of thaiyoga massage took the principals of these nadis and tried to use the same understanding on a much smaller scale like 12 or 16 channels . Don't be surprised , these are energy pathways for different body organs or glands like Spleen, Pancreas, Bladder, Heart, Liver, Pericardium , Lungs are to name a few of them.
Even practices like Guasha, Tok-Sen somehow use the same principal to release stagnation of unwanted matter like salts, liquids. That's why it's even referred as lymphatic drainage in clinical terms.

The whole existence of human being is the result of mutual interaction between matter & energy. Manipulating the matter or our body can impact the energy flow and removing the energy blockages and facilitating the flow of prana can reverse deep seated illness on physical level like migraine , anxiety are too name a few.

Refer to the newly evolved system of relaxation based on Mind-Body-Matter using Mindfulness , Massage & Energy Balance .